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I love this cover! I know it is not the full thing but I love how Samantha did this. It was short and sensational, and made you want to hear more. I love her voice because its nice and sweet her runs are beautiful and all together sounded great. Her voice is strong and she knows how to stagger the use of power properly with each lyric. She enunciates well and is overall a controlled singer. I love it girl keep doing well!

Charlie Puth

Hey Guys!

REMEMBER CHARLIE PUTH!! I posted this guy on my website last year and July. I am pretty sure most of you already know who this popular young man is nowadays with the new hit single “SEE YOU AGAIN” featuring Wiz Khalifa. When I first heard this on the radio his voice sounded so familiar. And without even realizing it I shouted out, ” OMG THIS IS CHARLIE PUTH!” You don’t know how exciting this was that someone i featured is now making it big. I am so proud of your accomplishments Charlie Puth. I hope you choose wisely in this music industry and do not people steer you away from your dreams of being a star.

Love You Guys


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