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Daily Archives: September 29th, 2012

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I love this girls voice. She is obviously a soprano. I like how she goes down in the lower part of her range to show the different colors of her voice. I think her voice isn’t yet developed yet so that is why her voice is so high. But it was really good.

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Naria Marie White

I love her tone color. It has a strong rich feeling. At times I thinks she can be a little pushing of the notes and other times holding back. Neverless she sounds cool. I don’t think she should have had Gwen’s voice in the background.

She is pretty good. I like how she uses her whole voice range and the touch of the ukulele is amazing. She made it her own which is good. I like people who make songs their own because they can make it into whatever they feel like is good for their voice.

His voice is not particularly incredible but it is really nice and deep. I like how he doesn’t try to go to the high notes he sticks with the note that suits his voice and makes it happen. It was nice.

Rate who you like better: Alburt and Javon or Leroy

They sound good with the accompiament on the piano. Their voices blend well together. Pith was awesome. I liked how the song sounded like the song evenn though it was in a different range, probably alto since they’re guys. I thought they did a good job.

She had a nice raspy voice which went well with the acoustic guitar. She kept with the rhythm and beat. I think at the end she should have just held one note then moved a little higher instead of going through all of the different sounds like Adele. I Liked It!!

I like her tone of voice. I think she could do much better when she hits the high notes because it sounds a little pitchy and like she is using all her strength to get there. I think she would sound more natural if she relaxed a bit and sang more in her own voice. It was great for the most part I think she has a great path ahead of her if she takes my advice.

Wow Sungha! is great. I love the way he’s staying with the beat but also playing the song the way it’s supposed to be played. It’s cool!!!!