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Hey Guys! This is me singing and now it is your turn to rate me. Sorry about the graphics and background sound. So tell me what I can do better on and what I did that you liked! Thanx!

Manager + Producer + Creator



  1. Loved it as always!!! Sent u some comments on skype. Lov U!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. you did real good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Guess who? I’ll give you a hint
    “You Look Like an ANGEL”

    • OMG Hey Elijah!! Thanx!! What r u up to? I am living in America now! Did Uncle Jeff tell u about this?lol😜☺

  3. OMG!!!!!!!YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!! You go guuuurrrllll

  4. You’re soooooo AMAZING!!! Srry about the video.. It was hard to film with people in front of me.. But as always you looked AMAZING… Miss you sooo much, hope to see you soon ❤

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