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Hi Guys,

My name is Naria and I am fourteen years old. During eleven years of my childhood I traveled around the world and lived in Africa. My experience as a traveler exposed me to different cultures as well as genres of music and dance. I developed this website while living in Cairo, Egypt at the school I was attending, Cairo American College (CAC), web design camp. I decided to make this site about promoting undiscovered singers in hoping to broadcast their talents to a wider audience. My hope is that this website is soon discovered so people’s hobbies or dreams may come true as well as mine.


  1. hey naria, how’s everything? it’s nadine from the CAC summer camp i was with u in cooking and photoshop, remember? how u doing? how’s school and everything? hope u spent a great summer 😉 c ya!

    • Hey,

      I saw you on the street, I was in the brown car, remember you were going into your house. I live right around the corner from you! It was nice to see you again!! I am doing fine. How are you???

  2. Hey Naria I like your web site .

  3. Hello, this is dasha. Do you remember me from cac in mr. Johnson’s class. Well I’ve been trying to get in touch and I found you’re blog again. 💻😀

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