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Bethan Horton is so awesome singing this song. She has a really good voice. However, towards the end she messed up a little. I love her accent while she was singing and I thought it was different and superb.

I love this guy he is so cool. I can’t really critique this type of singing so I just put this on for fun. This guy is awesome plus I LOVE this song!!! LOL

Bringing back Deleneha and Trinhle from Starships to Diamonds. I love Trinhle’s range and how her voice is so unique. From last time to this Deleneha, the girl who isngs the low part, has made exceptional progress. She stepped out her comfort zone and used her range as well and she sounded great. These two make a great duo!

Hey! Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been posting. My school got out for winter break and I went to the beach where there was a minimum amount of internet service. However, I will be posting and I will have many more polls up. If you have any suggestions please tell me. You can make them on the SUGGESTION page which is located on the sidebar. Hope you all had a wonderful winter and my prayers are with all the Sandy Hope victims.
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Hey Guys!! Waz Up? To promote my website I need as much follows as my views. Right now I am up to 281 views but only 5 followers. Remember to tell your family and friends. I appreciate all the people who have considered to follow my blog and have.

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Have A Wonderful Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanuka!!

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I love Katlyn’s spunk and attitude. Her voice matches her image and is wonderful. Katlyn’s voice seems mature and her runs are well sang. I think she chose a perfect song for her voice and sounded great with it. At one point in the song she sounded a little flat and got a little shaky on some notes. Overall it was good performance!

Shivani and I were looking for cover and came across this one. I love when he goes several octaves higher. I love his voice and I just can’t say anything more about him. AWESOMENESS!!

Nadia is a really good singer. I think she needs a little more attitude. Her runs are sung really well and goes well with her soft voice. Sometimes she can get a little flat but otherwise it sounds marvelous.

I love Raisa’s voice. It has a sense of emotion and I love how she holds the notes. Her voice sounds like an alto in this song but from when she holds the notes you can tell she could also be a soprano. I admire how she made it her own but didn’t take a lot out from the original. It was just right. Rate Raisa from 1- 10 on how much YOU liked her!!! (liked her not how bad or good she was)