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This is so cool. The harmonies are priceless. Although there were minor mistakes this sounds great. Their voices are fresh and unique with their range over exceptional. I loved it, honestly!

OMG!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! This guy is incredible. He has an oustanding range for a guy and this is just great. I don’t even have anymore to write, He will go far!

The acoustics in the room make this amazing. You can hear all the harmonies. This sounds priceless and that he has had years of experience with the guitar. I just love this!

This is one of my favorite covers of this song. I spent a long time trying to find the best and she is rocking it. Her voice is so clear and the acoustics in the room are perfect. The only thing that I would tell her to fix is the way she says the words. In some parts she makes all the words flow together which sounds good in some places but not others. But girl you are an amazing singer and an amazing piano player. She totally made it her own and it sound wonderful, unique, and crystal clear!

Omg this is so cool! I love how they remade this! This is one of my favorite songs right now! I am speechless!!

Hey Guys! This is me singing and now it is your turn to rate me. Sorry about the graphics and background sound. So tell me what I can do better on and what I did that you liked! Thanx!

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Hey guys! How is ur summer going! I recently moved back to a America from Egypt July 19! I will be posting a video of me singing next so now it is UR turn 2 rate Me! Tell me what I can work on and what you like! Sorry I have not been posting as much because of the moving and transition!

Thank you,

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OMG! Her voice is wonderful! Considering I love this song I think she created a very good remake of it. Her runs are perfect. Somewhere in the song she is a little flat but other than that she has a very good vocal range. Although she’s British she sounds very mature and almost American in some way. She is definitely the word AMAZING!

I love how these girls bond together. They sound pretty good although the acoustics aren’t perfect.

Hello All,

I would like to know what music U want to hear! So type in the comment box below what type of music you like and would like to see in videos!! 😀


Thank You,

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