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This cover is great! The emotion and acoustics really brought this performance together. I enjoy this song very much and the guitar married very well with her unique voice. I love how she transposed to help her make the song her own. I do admit that she could have sped the song up just a bit but besides that it was good! Good Job!!

This is so unique!! I would have never thought of using guitar accompianment for this song. Btw this is one of my favorite songs. They did an amzing job with this cover you can hear slight mistakes but overall theis was very cool and different. I really enjoyed the fact of using a guitar as the background.

* Don’t pay attention to the ending

OMG!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! This guy is incredible. He has an oustanding range for a guy and this is just great. I don’t even have anymore to write, He will go far!

The acoustics in the room make this amazing. You can hear all the harmonies. This sounds priceless and that he has had years of experience with the guitar. I just love this!