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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Shayanne is a girl that attends the same school I go to. I like her voice and you can tell she is emotional while she is singing. Despite the fact that she is emotional you can also tell that her lower range is very mature. However, she could spice it up a little to make it a little more interesting. She could work on using her whole range because I know she can hit those high notes. Nice Shayanne! Out of 1-10 ( 1 being the worse and 10 being the best) What would YOU rate Shayanne.

Cindy has a very rich and powerful tone and doesn’t over do it. She has a multi- colorful range and is a beautiful singer. I love how she had the music very low so we could hear her better. I was blown away when I heard her. It will probably bring tears to many of your eyes when you hear this just because her voice is so pretty.

Her voice is very strong and you can tell her range is mostly in the soprano. Her voice goes really well with the guitar. The sound is equal which makes it sound great. Sunn sounded outstanding when she sang glass and she made it her own. You Go Girl!

Claiming his second term, the winner is……… OBAMA!!!! To all of you guys out there supporting Mitt Romney he thanks all of you for his support. Congratulations to Obama Supporters you’ve got yourself another term. WHOOO!!!!!

I love this song and they were fantastic. Sometimes it could get a little flat and little pitchy but they were easy to understand. Their voices had a little country to them which made the song just right. I enjoyed it a lot.