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Monthly Archives: December 2012


Hey Guys!! Waz Up? To promote my website I need as much follows as my views. Right now I am up to 281 views but only 5 followers. Remember to tell your family and friends. I appreciate all the people who have considered to follow my blog and have.

Thank You Very Much,

Have A Wonderful Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanuka!!

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I love Katlyn’s spunk and attitude. Her voice matches her image and is wonderful. Katlyn’s voice seems mature and her runs are well sang. I think she chose a perfect song for her voice and sounded great with it. At one point in the song she sounded a little flat and got a little shaky on some notes. Overall it was good performance!

Shivani and I were looking for cover and came across this one. I love when he goes several octaves higher. I love his voice and I just can’t say anything more about him. AWESOMENESS!!

Nadia is a really good singer. I think she needs a little more attitude. Her runs are sung really well and goes well with her soft voice. Sometimes she can get a little flat but otherwise it sounds marvelous.

I love Raisa’s voice. It has a sense of emotion and I love how she holds the notes. Her voice sounds like an alto in this song but from when she holds the notes you can tell she could also be a soprano. I admire how she made it her own but didn’t take a lot out from the original. It was just right. Rate Raisa from 1- 10 on how much YOU liked her!!! (liked her not how bad or good she was)